Helping enterprises, startups, managers and individuals to reduce maintainability cost of their software by extending visibility about used libraries and packages.

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Consolidated packages report

Consolidated report

The report contains the following information:

  • - How many packages (NuGet and NPM) are in the project
  • - How many packages of latest version
  • - How many packages are outdated
  • - How many packages have vulnerabilities

Different versions of NuGet and NPM packages

List of packages' versions across
repositories and projects

There is a list of all identified packages across all repositories.

  • - Integration with Bitbucket
  • - Ability to filter packages by keyword
  • - View package version
  • - View which package has the latest version
  • - View which package has outdated major, minor or patch version
  • - A link to the original package source

Nuget and NPM packages description

Package details

Package has a tooltip with package description from nuget.org.

Nuget and NPM packages vulnerabilities

Package vulnerabilities

Packages with known vulnerability are highlighted with red box. There is a option to click on the box and see the report about the vulnerability from sonatype.org.

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